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Traditional Sports & Recreation

Popular types of leisure activities include horse or camel racing and falconry are popular in Saudi Arabia. Sports, adventure and recreation in Saudi Arabia is an indispensable part of the day-to-day lifestyle of the Saudi Arabians. Some of these sports are included in Saudi Arabia’s famous festivals like the annual Jenadriyah National Culture and Heritage Festival which includes camel racing, Falconry, Soccer etc.

Saudi Language

Arabic is one of the oldest groups of languages in the world and official language of Saudi Arabia. The inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula were the first to use the Arabic language in pre-Islamic times. With the expansion of Islam and Islamic culture, the Arabic language spread north, east and west. The Arabic language is today one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. There are some 200 million Arabic speakers in more than 20 countries.

Climate at Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s climate differs from one region to another due to its different terrain. In general, the climate is continental hot summer, cold winter, and its rainfall season is in winter. The climate moderates on the western and south-western highlands. As for the central areas, it has hot and dry summer, and winter is cool and dry. The temperature and humidity rise in the coast, and it rains in winter and spring.

Saudi Culture

The culture of Saudi Arabia is defined by its Islamic heritage, its historical role as an ancient trade centre, and its Bedouin traditions. The Saudi society has evolved over the years, their values and traditions from customs, hospitality to their style of dressing, are adapting with modernization. Folk Music, Dance and Poetry One of Saudi Arabia’s most compelling folk rituals is the “Al Ardha”, the country’s national dance. This sword dance is based on ancient Bedouin traditions: drummers beat out a rhythm and a poet chants verses while sword-carrying men dance shoulder to shoulder.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - An Introduction

Saudi Arabia extends between the Arabian Gulf on the east and the Red Sea on the west. The Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country of the Middle East. It is bordered by Jordan and Iraq on the north and northeast, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates on the east, Oman on the southeast, and Yemen on the south. The Arab Gulf lies to the northeast and the Red Sea to its west.