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At the Haql, perfect of beach gateway as on the northern end of the Saudi Arabia Red to Sea of coastline

Wit the More of than at 1000 miles is red Sea coastline one of Saudi Arabia onto the northernmost of towns to be a potential diving hotspot for the residents of the kingdom are the beyond, Haql city is the northern end to the Saudi Arabia Red Sea coastline offers are many to be natural destinations from the tumbling cliffs by clear at the water of brimming with as onto being thriving marine are eco-system is colorful at coral reefs white sandy is the beaches has been surrounded as on the mountains.

However, the Near city lies off the bay the little know as an area of that has been to be attracted at the divers who is the swim of the round at the half of submerged by Georgia at shipwrecked have been knowing as the Saudi Titanic are enjoying of the array the fish and the coral, the British made by me cargo ship which runs to the aground onto the coral of reef into 1979 as to the home of the majority eels lion of fish.

At the advanced of level diver has been visited the site are more than the 30 times into the last past of decades by bringing the along of his wife are eldest just at the few months of ago or year, at the government sector of worker will be often to thought his young of children would have been enjoying at the many of pristine are beaches is to be the area.

Now I’m still into the awe o the quiet is the beauty that surrounds is the inside of ship will be told the alshitaiwi-tours as on last time visited we are tried to stay at still make of all everything will be around from me fish to be eels at just of swam freely, where the merely as an observes.

Whenever the Al-Sultaniyyah beach 43 k.m is on Haql has been attached the small but the steady of flow will be tourists over at the past of a few months ago it’s will be crystal are clear by pristine of water, Haql like to be head of the Palm Garden as part to be an area that is offered has been wonderful views from the Gulf as on its surroundings of the garden as abounds to the palm of trees has been many of areas are families by children.

As on the number of female employees as working into the different judicial of sectors into Saudi Arabia has been reached 1815 during at 2021 said to the ‘Alshitaiwi-tours’ of director Women Department as a Justice ministry said to the number of licensed were at female lawyers increased by the 67% into 2021 as to the compared of 2020.

Now she has been said to the female employees into different judicial of sectors work at the legal social researcher from administration at assistants of program development are notaries into these of positions will be served at moreover than the 31,600 people are during into the 2021.


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