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City of Riyadh which is the capital of the kingdom and a deeply rooted historical city is nowadays major international city with its population, utilities, and advanced services in addition to its political, economic, and cultural position. Historically, Riyadh has played prominent role in Najd history over more than three centuries. It was the second Saudi capital at the age of Imam Turki bin Abdullah in 1240H (1824D) and its glory returned to it after King Abdul-Aziz had restored it – may Allah rest his soul- in 5 Shawwal 1319H (15 January 1902D) to start on its land the modern history creation and contemporary civilization texture.

The name of Riyadh (plural of meadow) means a place full of gardens and orchards and its location is known from the past time for being green. There was the ancient city of Hajar which was known as (Khadraa Hajar) and name of Riyadh was given to this city in the twelfth migratory century.