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DiriyyahThe old city of Diriyyah is located about 20km from the main city center of Riyadh. It is one of the most important sites from where the history of Saudi Dynasty begins. It is situated in the eastern part of the so-called Najd area in the valley known as Wadi Hanifa. The meaning of Najid is the high plateau, which forms the central part of Saudi Arabia. It is recorded by the chronicles that one of the person Duru, known as Ibn Dir, who was also the chief of al-Dir clan of which was belonging to Bani Hanifa tribe, was ruling this area. He had a vast fertile land in the valley, which he was not able to utilize completely due to lack of thin population of his clan. Therefore, he invited another clan of the same Banu Hanifa tribe to settle down on the fertile area of the Hanifa valley. Therefore, the clan named Murdah comes under the leadership of Mani al-Muraydi in 1446 A.D in Wadi Hanifa. Ibn Dir gave land for the cultivation to the clan in the Wadi Hanifa and the clan settled down. They were the ancestors of the Al-Saud family who established their first rule at Diriyyah.
Musmak PalaceThe Musmak palace is one of the most important monuments in important historic landmark in the city of Riyadh. This palace was built during the reign of Abdullah bin Rashid in the year 1895 A.D. The reason for building this historic palace was to serve as military garrison for the Abdullah bin Rashid army who was operating under a Governor in Riyadh from the Hail. His Majesty King Abdulaziz on 15th January 1902 captured the fort.
Dira SouqDira Souq is famous for its variety of old copper and brass objects including silver daggers, silver Beduins Jewelry and dresses. While entering from main access, one always smells sandal wood fragrance. Dira Souq is worth buying antique carpets and other useful Saudi heritage antiques. Lunch at local restuarnt. Afternoon proceed for visit to Thumama Desert, Camel Market, National Museum and Murabbah Palace (from outside).
Thumama DesertThumama Desert is approx. 60 Kms from Riyadh city toward King Khaled Airport. This is the nearest desert where enthusiasts enjoy their evenings and specially weekends on sand. After a drive of approx. 15 minutes,. there is a camel market. It is the largest camel market in Middle East where thousands of camels and other cattle are bargained daily.
National MuseumThe National Museum, which opened in Riyadh in 1999 to Saudi celebrate the centenary of Saudi unification, was the result of an international design competition. The primary custodian of the national heritage and culture, the Museum is a place of learning and discovery, designed to sing out with quiet excitement and inspiration, to kindle pride in the Arab heritage and reverence for Islam. This national Landmark is composed of eight galleries telling the complete story of Arabian History from the creation of the universe to our modern era.
Murraba PalaceMurraba Palace is among the most important palace built by King Abdulaziz in the year 1355A.H corresponding to 1937 A.D. The purpose for building this Palace was to accommodate his family. The palace was composed of a number of a residential palaces, services buildings and King Abdulaziz Divan. In the year 1937 A.D. King Abdulaziz and his family moved in this palace. This palace was built on the local traditional Najid style by using local building material only. Drive back to your hotel.
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