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Into Saudia Arabia, Dakar Rally is a showcase to be Saudi hospitality

At the Riyadh second year into the row of Dakar Rally drivers as on bikers at the other assorted will be daredevils of hitting by the dunes as the race of continues to be across the diverse of terrain into the Arabian Peninsula as on the problems can be occurs the rough of tracks.

However, the leaves to be Saudia at comes to the rescue videos onto social media network have been appeared at since of start the race onto the 4th January with the local excitedly talking about the Snapchat, Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram are shares to be footage of their encounters the Dakar Race Rally at were they offers of them cold water with hot coffee by assistance at their vehicles.

Whenever he was excited to be Kingdom had been opportunity show at the world beauty as it’s on the landscape as well as the kind of nature show it’s people well at the international events like to be Dakar Rally race are great opportunities for Saudi citizens were about the tourism visas were just at the starter they have been opened on it the event’s they like to be Dakar Rally car show Formula-1 races people have been more attractive and incentive than ever the visit of Kingdom.

What the size of Dakar car rally and bike races because it’s allow to be drivers see at many parts of the Saudi Arabia now instead of just one that the experience of all cultures by geographical diversity that are exist to be Kingdom at the climate of all Saudi Arabia beings at the one culture are more to be landscape.

Depends upon the participants of through the rough at sometimes to be uncharted the territory often to be gets the best racers who has been ended the early at unidentified at local does his best to be help of competitors out at the despite minimal knowledge of English.

Another the circulated widely at the last Sunday of time showed by the group of Saudi Arabia men’s to be rushing of aid the Will Jobard on this year are unlucky first out of all.

At the group of friends to be drop out of the race somewhere around the Wadi Dawasir due to the rib of pain that are prevented by him from riding are comfortably on his to be a motorcycle.

What’s came of Jobard aid by undeterred his lack of Arabic without any knowledge has been cheerful of christening at him to be they were to be handed off the bottle with cold water, battered is the bike to be into the back of race pickup trucks are invited him the ride of until could be dropped of them at a suitable location.


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