What are the Activities into Eastern Area Province Al Dammam


As the Boasting of endless view is tranquil at Arabian Gulf Dammam is the modern metropolis that is too be thrives of the coastal location, Although it’s knowledge of the lush green parks airy waterfronts are the sandy beaches it’s too highly enjoyable into winter of too much daytime of temperature by averaging into low of 20s Celsius during the day of around to 11 degrees at tonight as a region has been also the growing are reputation as to be part of sports with entertainments destination.

Into Al Khobar’s Bayoonya district in Dammam and the officer of range to be culture is the hubs of museums, as well as the Dip, are into science and the innovation, get’s your full fil of pop culture at the quickly Tay been are Alfelwah and the Aljowharah museum into Dammam as the evening time of falls will wander of walkways to Dammam Share Al Hob souq whereas you can maybe trying to encounter of traders will be performance street at the musicians.

At the Short time of drive into south Eastern area from Dammam will be half of Moon at Bay was the stop for many Arab traders from Arabian Gulf areas it has become of the top draw recreation thanks to a lot of family-friendly setups are entrances to the cove is very well shallow are tranquil at the average of water depth reaches to be 8 meters it’s can be ideal of the location at the learn about scuba live off just the drip at your toes onto warm of a winter day.

However, the design of King Abdulaziz Center of World culture known as the lthra has been become of the symbol at Saudi cultural renaissance to the sprawling of the building by houses as a theater the library, galleries, and the museum at alongside wealth to the interactive activities for children to the lthra journey of the tour at 31 minutes will be guided as a walk will be offers the idea of review to more complex it.

How about the dancing fountains of the landscape as the garden of making this type of seafront stretch will family favorite as you can where the kids play into the park the adults take of Instagram worthy snaps to the historic water of tower will be remarkable as a king Fahd Causeway by the bite at among into side of discovering will discover the range of dining options onto the Ajdan Walk of new immerse yourself by the Al Khobar cafe of culture at as on one of the dozens are waterfront for coffee shops at the Consider of catching are sunset will be private boat trips.


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